Creamy porridge

I’ve developed a great routine for porridge. I soak my oats for 24 hours to leach out anti-nutrients (phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors), then drain the water and add fresh. A pinch of salt, then slowly it cooks on the fire while I stretch and wake myself up. (After soaking the next day’s). Occasionally i’ll stop and use a small whisk to break up the oats, turning it milky. When the sun has been suitably saluted I give it a short burst of heat on the gas hob, add a good knob of butter, stir, stir, stir then enjoy the velvety, smooth delights of oat cream. Milk + Fat = Cream. I think people might be horrified by the amount of butter I use, but I feel really nourished and well eating it. I don’t buy the anti-saturated fat thing. Death to margarine, it’s not real food.
The other day I bought 5 blocks of butter. St Helen’s goat’s butter, beurre d’Isigny PDO, Jersey, Wensleydale and Yeo Valley Organic. Pip and I tasted them and declared the goat’s butter the finest, followed by Wensleydale. These two had a luscious flavour, creamy, rich and satisfying.

I have made my own butter at times, cultured with kefir. An ancient and stable community of yeasts and bacteria, kefir adds both zing! and a whole host of beneficial bacteria. It sits for a week or so, and is then churned by hand for 5 minutes. The buttermilk is kept for other things, and the resulting butterfat: tangy and delicious.

I do imagine that porridge/oat cream made with raw kefir butter will be an order of magnitude greater again. I have started a batch this week and i’ll update as it develops.


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