About me

Hello and welcome!

This is a little space i’ve created in order to share the things i’m passionate about. When deciding on a name for the site i felt tugged in two opposite directions – poetic and descriptive. I went descriptive, but later realised that can’t begin to show everything i’m interested in. It’s not just about food or journeys; although i’ll be eating lots of food and making many’s the journey over the coming years. It’s not even all about Chris.

I plan to set off on a cycle tour of the UK, and eventually France, in order to further my wild food and plant education, to learn more about permaculture and to connect with as many like minded people as I can.

Originally the aim was to meet one plant from each genus in the Plant Kingdom, but it now seems more accurate to say that i would like to meet as many plants as possible, whether cultivated or wild, native or exotic. For each one i’ll do some combination of video, photo and writing in order to document those meetings. Another aim is to write a book in order to help people learn the plant families. Books exist doing something similar, but hopefully I can put my own slant on things. I felt a need to sum up my aims in soundbite form, which served the purpose of beginning to tell people what the trip was about so i could raise funds and enlist support. Now that the trip is closer to happening i feel more free to acknowledge the open-endedness. I’m not just looking to find plants; it’s community and a place to belong, new skills, new ideas of all sorts.

I hope you enjoy what you find here, and that you find it useful.

I’m looking to organise an itinerary for my trip. That will include offering labour in exchange for bed and board (how wwoofing works), and couchsurfing.


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