I aim to share my knowledge freely without expecting any money to change hands. The issue of money is one that vexes me and the idea of having a donation button on here is one i’ve contemplated a lot. I don’t expect any money to appear. If it does i’m sure i can use it to buy food or for anything that needs repairing on the bike, but i also trust that my needs will be met one way or another. I’m testing the idea that by aligning myself with my true purpose in life (plants and fermentation) my basic needs for warmth, shelter, food, water etc and my higher needs also, will be met. I believe every one of us has a job to do whilst we’re here. A right livelihood if you will. I’m lucky enough to have found mine by the age of 27. The work i find most joy and happiness in is working with plants, permaculture and fermentation traditions. They’re all connected ¬†and i hope to find ways to carve out a niche for myself combining those things. Thanks for reading, Chris


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